Monday, December 1, 2014

"Almost there" Is Not Good Enough Anymore

       One thing I’ve noticed is that you shouldn’t wait till something starts to rust to start taking care of it. It is rather sad that I’d wait for adverse consequences start rolling in. Yes, it has been far too long of a wait for me to actually get something in print. Lately I’ve realized I’ve been wasting time. I have put too much effort into honing skills that I have neglected the true means of what you need to be a success, actually getting the damn thing done. But, I have finally almost crossed that line. I Swallowed A Fly issue one is almost into the processing phase. I suppose If I really wanted to I could very well put out a zine tomorrow, however, there’s one more story left that I would like to add.
Life has been good for me, I have a good family, a good boyfriend, and if you have yet to hear, I have gotten accepted into The Joe Kubert School. I have to produce something in order to give back. 

That being said I am about three pages away from being able to publish, I believe what I will do now Is start putting the pages together on the computer while I finish the last story. This first issue will have mostly short one page to two page comics with one six pager at the end. It will also hold short stories and illustrations. 99% of it will be done by me save for possibly one story and maybe I'll squeeze in an interview.

So overall there is much to do and much to get done. There really isn't any other way to put it that hard work must be given into this project. I'm not stopping yet.

Well back to work it is...

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