Monday, December 1, 2014

"Almost there" Is Not Good Enough Anymore

       One thing I’ve noticed is that you shouldn’t wait till something starts to rust to start taking care of it. It is rather sad that I’d wait for adverse consequences start rolling in. Yes, it has been far too long of a wait for me to actually get something in print. Lately I’ve realized I’ve been wasting time. I have put too much effort into honing skills that I have neglected the true means of what you need to be a success, actually getting the damn thing done. But, I have finally almost crossed that line. I Swallowed A Fly issue one is almost into the processing phase. I suppose If I really wanted to I could very well put out a zine tomorrow, however, there’s one more story left that I would like to add.
Life has been good for me, I have a good family, a good boyfriend, and if you have yet to hear, I have gotten accepted into The Joe Kubert School. I have to produce something in order to give back. 

That being said I am about three pages away from being able to publish, I believe what I will do now Is start putting the pages together on the computer while I finish the last story. This first issue will have mostly short one page to two page comics with one six pager at the end. It will also hold short stories and illustrations. 99% of it will be done by me save for possibly one story and maybe I'll squeeze in an interview.

So overall there is much to do and much to get done. There really isn't any other way to put it that hard work must be given into this project. I'm not stopping yet.

Well back to work it is...

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Of Class and Chaos

Here I sit in my journalism class, supposed to be writing precis about articles but it turns out the teacher is giving us another day to do them so I figured I would crank out a blog entry. (still with that being said this probably won't be up until tonight or tomorrow morning.)

I’ve been drawing like never before in my life. It’s the thing that keeps me focused and heading forward. As of late I have put most of my personal projects on hold in favor of my college portfolio. On top of that I have taken on a few collaborative projects and will be taking part in Inktober. The basis of Inktober is to sharpen inking skills and diligence by turning out one finished inked drawing a day for the whole month. Currently it is the third day of October but I have turned out three (Will be four by the end of the day). I started a bit early with the challenge at day “0”:

On the subject of challenges it is no secret that I stopped, as much as I hate to admit it, the 100 day challenge. This is because I need to put every minute of time I allot to drawing into college portfolio and simply improving (I hope I don’t sound too neurotic, trust me you’ll know when I finally snap).

On the subject of school, I've been taking a film class which has been rather helpful for comics. Although there are differences that need to be translated between the medium there are many bits of info that can be gained from film. I feel like films drag you through showing you everything while comics sort of hold your hand as the gutters allow you to add your own movement and life to the scene. Still, you can take pointers for camera angles and script writing (although there are differences you need to add for script). I'm going to be making animations in the class which is great since The Joe Kubert School has a required animation course first year I believe.
All the animation, or at least most of it, will be hand drawn. I bought a light box so I can work on things at home as well. Things have been a bit crazed but it is a good kind of crazed.

I hope to update this blog with more interesting things. Let's face it, how many of you fellows and fellas give a shit about what some kid in high school is doing. So! Now that we have the boring monotone updates out of the way it's time to start having some fun with this blog. Let's make a goal to post at least once a week, or at the very least bi weekly. Since I'm stuck in the house all of saturday I suppose I could spend some time typing up another entry. Till next time! - Kmid

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Thoughts Of a Gadabout

             A Log of  Ramblings, Day to Day Travels,  and Contemplations                              


Yesterday I wound up buying a raccoon skull as my hunt for bones in  the woods resulted in nothing. However, I did find some old bottles in the forest which I plan to transform into antique vintage looking medicine bottles.

        How do you write a blog entry at 3:22 AM with no computer or internet access? You write on a flimsy note pad the size of your palm and hope you remember the sheets of paper once you tare them out and shove them in your pocket. Currently I sit here in upstate New York in the Catskills. I've been reading this one book that you may have heard about: Steal Like An Artist  by Austin Kleon. and it got me wondering about inspiration and it made me realize how it has been a while since I have felt that desire to research in all different aspects and fields. I used to feel when I was younger and dumber that I had some sort of noticeable intelligence but often I believe that it all came from a place of naive arrogance that I hopefully have shed off. Chances are I'm just as smart as I was then as I am now maybe just a little more experienced and with a clearer set of eyes. Sometimes I feel like the people who are truly smart are the people that have the most questions and admit they know the least.

Things have taken on a rather strange outlook these  last few days. Ever have an event that rings of an experience that had past a few years ago? Don't you sometimes feel you regress to the person you were back all those years ago? 
In other news I Swallowed A Fly continues to grow. I have made pins for that will be included in paid for copies of issue one. Recently, I visited Asbury Park and I found a location that seems willing to distribute the zine once it is finished. Of course part of me is wondering if I should just wait till I'm over the issue one hump until  I approach the outlet again since maybe reveling in relative obscurity is the best option when you are still  earning your wings...also on the flip side of that argument the more people you show your work to, the more feedback you can get. We'll just have to wait and see what option I take when I actually finish the damn thing in the first place.

                                                                                                             - Kristin

Thursday, August 7, 2014

A Little Introduction

            I have made attempts to start up a blog in the past, however my enthusiasm quickly waned when I realized that I might as well have been talking to a wall. Now, since things have changed a little, I have a small audience so it's time to start posting once more.  I'll do you a favor and cut out all the boring nonsense of introducing myself, chances are if you are reading this you already have a good idea of what I'm about and if not, well I'm sure that will become apparent over time.

            So lets dive right into it:

I'm currently in the process of two major projects. The first is Prisoner's Cinema, my main graphic novel in the works. The second is my zine and soon to be webcomic called I Swallowed A Fly.  For those of you that do not know what a zine is a zine is a small independent publication usually of writings, artworks, comics, or anything else the creator wants to be heard. They are usually made for and sold for cheap, produced by hand, and are like small pamphlets.
            I Swallowed A Fly will consist mostly of comics but also a dash of some contemplative ramblings, lone drawings, and social commentary. I'm also considering doing some interviews with some interesting fellows to add in.
With regards to Prisoner's Cineama, here's a run down of the plot:

            A man named Leon Chaille  is branded as a war criminal after an invention of his he made with the intentions of helping civilization was sold to the government and twisted to kill hundreds. He lives as a fugitive on the streets and is later captured where he is found to be dying of a terminal illness. Instead of executing him, he is left to rot on his death bed. Through sensory deprivation, Leon begins to hallucinate a world which is a projection of his life memories. The story follows him on his journey through his mind as he searches for a crucial memory he has locked within him but also in his search to seek some form of solace from events that shaped his life.

So what will this blog be used for? It will most likely be a assorted mix of many things but the central idea is focused on my projects and endeavors.
here's the lowdown of what is likely to come:

- Updates on projects (probably weekly)

- comic strips and pages

- Contemplations/ info articles on certain things that should be given attention to

- possible interviews.

Stick with me and I promise to fill your time wisely.

                                                                                                            --- Kristin Middleton