Saturday, October 4, 2014

Of Class and Chaos

Here I sit in my journalism class, supposed to be writing precis about articles but it turns out the teacher is giving us another day to do them so I figured I would crank out a blog entry. (still with that being said this probably won't be up until tonight or tomorrow morning.)

I’ve been drawing like never before in my life. It’s the thing that keeps me focused and heading forward. As of late I have put most of my personal projects on hold in favor of my college portfolio. On top of that I have taken on a few collaborative projects and will be taking part in Inktober. The basis of Inktober is to sharpen inking skills and diligence by turning out one finished inked drawing a day for the whole month. Currently it is the third day of October but I have turned out three (Will be four by the end of the day). I started a bit early with the challenge at day “0”:

On the subject of challenges it is no secret that I stopped, as much as I hate to admit it, the 100 day challenge. This is because I need to put every minute of time I allot to drawing into college portfolio and simply improving (I hope I don’t sound too neurotic, trust me you’ll know when I finally snap).

On the subject of school, I've been taking a film class which has been rather helpful for comics. Although there are differences that need to be translated between the medium there are many bits of info that can be gained from film. I feel like films drag you through showing you everything while comics sort of hold your hand as the gutters allow you to add your own movement and life to the scene. Still, you can take pointers for camera angles and script writing (although there are differences you need to add for script). I'm going to be making animations in the class which is great since The Joe Kubert School has a required animation course first year I believe.
All the animation, or at least most of it, will be hand drawn. I bought a light box so I can work on things at home as well. Things have been a bit crazed but it is a good kind of crazed.

I hope to update this blog with more interesting things. Let's face it, how many of you fellows and fellas give a shit about what some kid in high school is doing. So! Now that we have the boring monotone updates out of the way it's time to start having some fun with this blog. Let's make a goal to post at least once a week, or at the very least bi weekly. Since I'm stuck in the house all of saturday I suppose I could spend some time typing up another entry. Till next time! - Kmid


  1. Understand that school comes first, I have all the time in the world (so to speak.) and found the 100 day challenge ...a challenge. ha.

    Glad your part of Inktober, if only so I can see more of your work.

    Best and cheers,

  2. I give props to anyone that has attempted the 100 day challenge. That is to me a lot of work. Also, I don't mind hearing about your highschool experience if it is something that influences your work.

    I look forward to seeing your inktober posts.